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Why Female Patients prefer lady doctors for Piles?

Piles is a disorder that affects the anal area of the body. Piles in women are very widespread in today’s environment. They can develop in a woman’s body for a variety of reasons, including:

•  Strain during bowel motions.
•  Sitting for extended durations.
•  Traveling for an extended period.
•  Chronic diarrhoea/constipation.
•  Overweight.
•  Growing older.
•  Females may experience piles due to a low-fiber diet and insufficient fluid consumption.
•  Pregnancy increases abdominal pressure, weight gain, and hormonal changes, which can lead to piles in females.

Female Patients prefer lady doctors for Piles

Piles, commonly known as haemorrhoids, might be innocuous and asymptomatic, but the vast majority of individuals have discomfort. Female piles sufferers experience the following symptoms:

•  Itching, inflammation, and discomfort in the anal region.
•  Swelling in the anal area.
•  Stool contains minor amounts of blood.
•  Extreme pain around the anal entrance when sitting.
•  Mucous discharge might produce stains in your underwear.
•  Feeling the need to defecate after using the toilet.

Why Female Piles Patients Want Female Doctors:

Indian culture expects women to be modest and silent. As a result, when people have medical or health issues, they do not consult a doctor. This includes conditions like piles, which affect private parts. This is why women frequently request to visit a female doctor, particularly for such illnesses. These are the reasons why women desire female doctors to treat their piles.

•  Women show less hesitation during examinations with female doctors. The doctor can make a diagnosis more easily than a male doctor could.
•  Female doctors have a greater understanding of the needs of pregnant women.
•  The presence of female professionals makes the patient feel more comfortable.

Women from more conventional and conservative families who have piles may feel more comfortable seeing a lady doctor for treatment. This is because there is less stigma associated with seeing a female doctor.

Lady Doctor for Piles in Coimbatore:
If you are a woman suffering with piles, you may want to consult a female doctor. Yazh Healthcare employs several female doctors who are piles specialists with experience treating women with piles. Our female proctologists have received several referrals from our patients. If you are a woman seeking a lady doctor for piles treatment, please contact us. We will supply a female doctor who will assist you with effective therapy and a quick recovery.

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