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I am 45 years old male,from Indiranagar ,Bangalore.suffered from fistula since 12 years. I had operated 3 times for same but in a few days it get reoccurred. 4th time doctor rejected my case and told me that there is chance of incontinence (loss of control on motion) after repeated surgery , Then that surgeon reffered me to Dr. Gokul for further management. Dr.Gokul adviced me Seton treatment for fistula. I Completed my treatment without any hospital admission and without painful daily dressings. And since one and half year I don’t have any complain about my fistula. Thanks to Yazh healthcare

Raj Mohan ( Business )

I am 32 years old male had suffered from anal pain and bleeding since 3 year.After every motion there is a pain bleeding.I could not walk without taking a hot sitz bath. Working in office is very uncomfortable. Long trips in a car were out of question. I tried Ayurvedic, allopathic and homeopathic medicine also but I got relief for few days only. When I consulted Yazh health care , They diagnosed my disease as fissure in ano. They given me treatment which is totally painless and discharged me on Next day. Now I am free from pain and bleeding. All thanks to Dr.Gokul and his team.

A.k.P Saravanan ( Erode )

I’m a civil engineer ,suffered from severe piles since 5 yrs. It got so bad that when I went to toilet, the toilet bowl was dark red from blood and some mass comes out through anus. Finally I had enough and I consult to Yazh health care -Dr.Gokul ,who said that I was suffering from internal 2nd degree hemorrhoids. Doctor recommend me Laser with band application. They do the procedure in the morning and discharged me at Next day Next day from the procedure my bleeding was stoped. Now I am free from that horrible red dragon.

Chandrasekaran ( Udumlapet )