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Are you experiencing anal pain while walking, sitting, or running? Or what about anal haemorrhage and swelling? Or finding blood on the toilet paper after urinating? These symptoms point to piles, an anorectal ailment often known as haemorrhoids. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to see the best piles specialist and get treated.

If you want to get rid of piles as soon as possible and return to your normal routines without any long downtime or major problems, you can see our piles specialists and receive laser piles treatment in near me at a low cost. Fill out the form at the top of this page to schedule your appointment.

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Piles Diagnosis in Coimbatore

Proper diagnosis is critical in determining the best treatment option for piles. Self-diagnosis is not advised because most piles symptoms are similar to those of other anorectal disorders such as anal fissures and anal fistulas. It is therefore always advisable to seek adequate treatment from a specialised piles doctor near you in Coimbatore.

Our proctologists identify the issue based on past and present medical and drug history, as well as modern, USFDA-approved diagnostic tests such as:

Physical examination:The doctor visually inspects the anal area during a medical checkup. This assists the doctor in determining the presence of external haemorrhoids. A physical examination of the anal area can sometimes aid in the diagnosis of prolapsed haemorrhoids.

Digital rectal examination:During this test, the piles doctor inserts two or three gloved and lubricated fingers into the anal canal. The doctor might use this test to determine the presence of internal haemorrhoids.

Colonoscopy:Colonoscopy entails inserting a colonoscope into the colon. This test can tell your doctor if you have haemorrhoids, colon polyps, anal cancer, or any other condition affecting your lower digestive tract.

Anoscopy:An anoscope is used to inspect the lining of the anus and rectum during this procedure. Thus, if there are any haemorrhoids inside the rectum, the doctor can detect them.

A radiographic scan or biopsy may be conducted in a few situations to further explore and rule out the presence of anal cancer. Our piles experts in Chennai also use flexible sigmoidoscopy, proctoscopy, and rigid sigmoidoscopy as diagnostic tests.

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